♦︎ P O M P O M ♦︎

♦︎  P O M  P O M ♦︎

#OUTFITPOST Hellow! Hope that summer suits you well! And what's better for summer than pom poms ? In love with these little accessories, so simple and super cute. Outfit of the day: Dress from Suncoo Paris (similar), 75€ on sale! Shoes from And Other Stories Accessories of the day Glasses Ray Ban Bag Vimoda Paris [...]

♦︎ D R E S S I N J A C Q U A R D ♦︎

♦︎  D R E S S  I N  J A C Q U A R D ♦︎

Rule number one visiting Paris: #WALK Forget the metro, buses, taxis, Ubers! Paris is a wonderful city to get lost into, wherever you go it is beautiful. Whether you are in Saint Germain or Notre Dame and end up lost in Montmartre or République, just don't stop! #PARISJETAIME _____________________________________________________________________________ Правило номер один, когда гуляешь по [...]

♦︎ Q U A I O U E S T ♦︎

♦︎  Q U A I  O U E S T ♦︎

#IHAVETRIED : QUAI OUEST June 17, +1 for me ! Yes, today I am celebrating my sweet 22! For this occasion, we went to @QuaiOuest, a beautiful restaurant near the Seine river in Sant Cloud. _____________________________________________________________________________ #IHAVETRIED: Кэ Уэст 17 июня, +1 Для меня ! Да, сегодня я праздную мой 22 день рождения! Для этого [...]