This whole trip idea started from a picture on IG, where I fell in love with the Fjords. As huge nature and breathtaking landscapes lovers, we have decided to take a getaway trip to Norway. As I wanted to get as far away from the city as possible, we have decided to go far north, near the polar circle. The place where winter is magical, where you can see mountains and outstanding snow deserts like nowhere else.

View from our AirBnb

It was not easy to decide on a place to stay there because it is so big, and so many options come to you. But we have decided to stay near Finnsnes, where we rented an AirBnb. We travelled from Paris to Bardufoss, stopping at Oslo. The trip was long as Bardufoss airport delivers only 3 flights a day and the one we booked was at 8:45pm.

View on Senja Island

Never without my Geographical Norway parka! I have linked a similar one below.

149.90โ‚ฌ on Spartoo

Local tip : One thing about Norway that came quite a surprise for us, it is super expensive. As Parisians, we usually never expect a country to be more expensive, unless you travel to London or Hong Kong. To give you an idea, in the airport we had lunch and ordered two sandwiches and a bottle of water. We paid 43โ‚ฌ, which is about $50. So, plan a budget ahead!

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