Hi everyone!

Today is a topic that I really wanted to share with you guys, as fitness is one big part of my daily routine. So if you’re feeling guilty that you are not going to the gym because you’re on holidays don’t worry, there are so many other activities that you can do on holidays, and even some that you already do without noticing.

There are no secret ingredients if you want to be or stay fit, everything is related to healthy food and workout. I started going to the gym only two years ago, and since then I try to have regular exercice, at least 4 times a week. I rarely go to the gym during summer because there is a lot of people and I enjoy working out outside. But when you are on holidays, working out is usually not your priority, between nice lunches and diners, going out with friends, etc. Well there’s no harm in that of course, you’re on vacation, but here are some little daily workouts that I do to stay fit :

  1. Take a jog outside 
    I am not a running person, but when the weather is nice I love to take a jog in the park or along the beach! I personally prefer running early in the morning to avoid first of all the heat but also crowds. I run 5km every morning and I feel really energetic for the rest of the day
  2. Nike+ Training
    I’ve downloaded this App few months ago, and I just love it. It’s ideal when you don’t to go to the gym, or simply when you’re on holidays and don’t have one, you just open the app on your phone and there you go! You wake up in your hotel room, go for a healthy breakfast then put some workout clothes and go! I actually use this app even outside, I go to the park and launch the app. Make sure to have you headphones and you have your ideal workout. Plus, you can choose the time you want, I usually pick the 30 minutes workout
  3. Swim!
    If you’re at the beach this summer, take 20 to 45 minutes to swim in the sea! What’s more pleasant than the combo sea, sun and fitness?
  4. Walk
    Travel is my passion, and when I am travelling I love to discover places walking. Forget the metro, buses, taxis! It’s silly but visit the city by walking non-stop, for an afternoon or even for the whole day, and you will see that at the end of the day you will feel the aches!
  5. Sport activities
    If you have the chance to be in a place where you can do sport activities then you are very lucky because you can workout and have fun! My top sport activities would be:
  • water skiing
  • hiking
  • rafting
  • volleyball on the beach
  • surfing


I will share on my following #SUMMERSPECIAL posts how to eat good and healthy when you’re on vacation. Also, make sure to check the LIFESTYLE section, where I will post my article about how I use my Apple Watch for workouts, so stay tuned and hope you’ll enjoy those little workouts!



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