Hey everyone!


I hope you are all enjoying your summer break! I have decided to post about my favorite skin products for this summer. It is very important to hydrate your skin all year long, but even more during this period of the year, especially if you spent all day long tanning at the beach! FIY, I have a mixed skin, quite dry on the eye and S-zone, and oily on the T-zone. I like to try new products, especially for face care, so here are are my hits of the moment, by order of use:

Summer everyday routine

  1. LA ROCHE-POSAYEFFACLAR Foaming Cream, 10€fullsizeoutput_548I really like this product because it has a creamy texture that becomes a soft foam and my skin feels really fresh afterwards.
  2. KIEHL’S, Midnight Recovery Concentrate (night care), 45$fullsizeoutput_54aIt is actually a sample that I took from Kiehl’s because I’ve heard much about it and it’s really good. I apply it after cleansing, just a few drops are enough.
  3. BIOTHERM, Aquasource Gel (day care) 39€  / Aquasource Night Spa (night care) 45€
    This is my fave of this summer! Usually I use the KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cream (below) but I felt it was too heavy for my skin during summer. I tried this gel and fell in love! It is really soft, refreshing, and smells so good! On the picture it is the day cream and I also have the Night Spa which I use for night care. And combined with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate by KIEHL’S you can be sure to have a glowing skin in the morning!
  4. KIEHL’S, Ultra Facial Cream, 26€
    This is the cream I used all year long and I don’t think I could get enough of it. I am currently using the BIOTHERM Aquasource gel because it is more light for my skin during summer, but this facial cream is my must have !



Twice a week I put on a face mask to purify my skin. I usually do it in the morning, before showering and cleansing my face, because the skin absorbs things more quickly when it’s cleansed and therefore lead to irritation and dryness, which is exactly the opposite of what we want! So here are my top ones:

  1. To combat oily skin: LOREAL’s Pure-Clay Mask (9.90€), a purifying and mattifying mask that I highly recommend if you have oily and shiny skin. I use it twice a week in the morning, I apply it only on my T-zone as my S-zone is quite dry.
  2. For pore Detox: CAOLION Premium Hot and Cold Pore Pack Duo (13.50€). I love this mask with its pore deep cleansing power through heating effect (step 1) and then through cooling effect it tighten enlarged pores and refines skin texture (step 2).
  3. Moisturizing mask: KIEHL’S Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque, that I use for my S-zone. I really love it because it is super refreshing and plus, it reduces signs of stress on the skin. 45$

There you go! My faves of the moment for a supers king during these hot days! I hope you will like them as much as I do ! Stay tuned for my next post on #SUMMERSPECIAL about My indispensable hair products for Summer !




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